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Your piano playing journey starts here

Find Out about my creative approach to teaching and a music education tailored specially for you.

Piano Academy in Perth

Gavin Stewart Piano Academy in Perth caters to a wide range of ages, abilities and goals. Music is a valuable skill for both kids and adults


I offer a relaxed and creative approach to learning the piano. Learning to play the piano builds confidence, improves motor skills, and can have many other psychological and psychical benefits like reducing blood pressure and respiratory rate, and promoting a healthy immune response.

Learning a new skill can be daunting, which is why I strive to offer a unique piano academy that empowers, inspires, and motivates its students to get creative with their learning. It should be fun!

Inspire, Empower, Create

At Gavin Stewart Piano Academy in Perth, I am a piano instructor with a passion for enabling students of all abilities to realise their musical potential and achieve their goals.


Whether it’s getting to grips with the basics, mastering a classical song, or learning to play in a band, I equip my students with the tools to be able to learn quickly and confidently.

Why Piano?

The younger you are when you learn piano, the more beneficial it will be in later life. So, it’s a great idea to get kids started early when it comes to learning music. 


Piano lessons help kids learn and develop, as well as explore their creativity, improve hand-eye coordination, and sharpen their motor skills. 

For adults, it’s not too late to start learning piano! Learning piano is an exercise for the brain, meaning that it also increases memory function, reduces anxiety, and the risk of cardiac complications. 

It’s incredibly calming, meaning that taking up the piano as an adult can massively help people with high-stress jobs. The piano has also been proven to help increase the release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which helps slow the effects of ageing.

Find Out About My Creative Approach to Teaching & A Music Education in Perth - Tailored Especially to You.

Gavin Stewart, Perth’s Experienced Piano Instructor

Learn more about Perth’s professional and approachable piano instructor. I offer a variety of piano courses and have taught piano to over 100 students in my career, to build their confidence, develop their skills, and achieve their goals. 


I’m a piano instructor in Perth with many years of experience teaching piano to people of all ages, with a variety of different learning styles.

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